It is important to keep in mind that a recommendation letter, which is also referred to as a reference letter, is a document intended to enhance a college or job application or to provide additional merit. Typically, they are written by the teacher or supervisor of the student. An individual’s recommendation letter is essentially a confirmation of the information in his or her application and resume that you have been given.

An official recommendation letter is typically used by people in the workforce when they apply for jobs, or by students when they are applying for undergraduate programs, graduate schools, fellowships, or scholarships.

Subject: Recommendation Letter for PhD Admission

To Whom It May Concern

I have known Mr. ….. for the last four years. He was my student in MPhil (Environment Economics) at ABC University, Islamabad. During his MPhil, I taught him the “Sustainable Development and Economic Policy” course. There, he secured a “Very Good” grade. He has a keen interest in learning which is reflected in his successful completion of a number of Asian Development Bank, Tokyo, Japan online courses.

He is an intelligent, hardworking, and brilliant robust young man. He is fluent in English and can. express himself very well which is why he developed very good interpersonal communication. He has also shown keen interest in extracurricular activities. Mr …… has a pleasant personality, sociable and industrious with much concern for his personal development, and has also demonstrated a good aptitude for research, skill development, and leadership. He produced. number of research papers that are published in renewed journals. After his studies, he got rich experience in research, and project management, during his different job carrier. He has a lot of interest in higher study which is why he came to Islamabad from a far-flung and undeveloped rural area. I have no hesitation in recommending him for the scholarship/Assistantship for higher studies. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

Professsor ABC


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