A police Character Certificate is required for traveling abroad, jobs in different organizations abroad, immigration, etc. Previously, getting a character certificate was a complex and time-consuming process not just for citizens but for the police too. Police Khidmat Markaz (PKM) has simplified and made it time efficient. The citizen can now apply for a Character Certificate from any center all over Punjab rather than physically visiting that district/address for which a character certificate is required. For example, if the citizen is currently living in Multan and wants to get a certificate from Mianwali (where he/she lived previously), he/she can apply for it directly from PKM in Multan instead of going all the way to Mianwali.

  • Original CNIC or B-Form and photocopy
  • Original and copy of Passport
  • Affidavit
  • Authority Letter (If the applicant is abroad). An authority letter with the stamp of the relevant Embassy will be accepted, otherwise, it should be attested by two respectable persons who are known to the applicant. The duration of the applicant’s stay should also be mentioned in the authority letter.
  • Photograph (If the certificate of any blood relative is required)
  • If the applicant is out of the country, the form can be submitted by any blood relative (brother, father, mother, sister, etc.) with the authority letter of the applicant.

Rs. 500. The fee can be deposited on one of the counters of Police Khidmat Markaz (PKM)

3 working days after the application date


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